Photography provided by Jeff Cartier

What We Do

The Conservation Endowment Fund (CEF) has consistently maintained the rare botanical specimens and preserved the pristine California natural habitat fulfilling it’s continuing mission of environmental preservation and education through visits and tours.

The Gardens

The 12 acres of the Taft Botanical Gardens are home to some of the most mature and rarest species of plants that can be visited in California. The Taft Gardens is a world­ class destination for botanists, plant enthusiasts and nature lovers.

With maintained paths, seating areas and plaques with names of rare botanical specimens, the Taft Gardens provides an educational experience for visitors to learn about the majesty of nature and it’s complexities. The Taft Gardens & Nature Preserve's vast preservation of Native California Open Space is vital to California’s conservation efforts. The open space plays an integral role in the Lake Casitas Water Shed, providing undeveloped land and resources to supply the community with it’s water. This open space also provides sanctuary to hundreds of species of native plants and animals that live and migrate through the area. The infrastructure that has been built is one of a kind and provides an enormous opportunity for growth. It’s dedication to sustainability has led the organization to invest in solar energy leading the way to a brighter future.